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Robert Burns Birthplace Museum - offering a truly unique encounter with Scotland’s favourite son.

The Birthplace Museum comprises the famous Burns Cottage where the poet was born, the historic landmarks where he set his greatest work, the elegant monument and gardens created in his honour and a modern museum housing the world’s most important collection of his life and works.

  • Ellisland Farm – Some of the Bard’s best-loved nature poems were inspired by the tranquil setting of Ellisland Farm. Ellisland is now a popular museum and visitor attraction and it provides a wonderful insight into the life of Robert Burns on a farm two hundred years ago
  • The Globe Inn, Dumfries – Established in 1610, The Globe Inn, Dumfries has long been associated with Scotland’s national poet. In 1796, Burns wrote: “… the Globe Tavern here, which these many years has been my Howff …”, and in 1819, the first of what was to become the annual tradition of Burns Suppers was held here at The Globe Inn in Dumfries, south west Scotland.

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  • Jim Mein - Burns Supper Speaker and Chairman

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  • Borealis – a five piece band creating and performing their own arrangements of the songs of Robert Burns in a fusion of jazz, classical, folk and blues.