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Robert Burns - Places to visit
Burns National Heritage Park
Burns National Heritage Park - a unique encounter with Scotland's most exceptional man. Set among the delightful scenery of historic Alloway - an unmatched opportunity to experience Scotland's National Poet.
Ellisland Farm - Some of the Bard's best-loved nature poems were inspired by the tranquil setting of Ellisland Farm. Ellisland is now a popular museum and visitor attraction and it provides a wonderful insight into the life of Robert Burns on a farm two hundred years ago.
The Globe Inn, Dumfries
- Established in 1610, The Globe Inn, Dumfries has long been associated with Scotland's national poet. In 1796, Burns wrote: "... the Globe Tavern here, which these many years has been my Howff ...", and in 1819, the first of what was to become the annual tradition of Burns Suppers was held here at The Globe Inn in Dumfries, south west Scotland.
Robert Burns Centre, Dumfries
Robert Burns House, Dumfries - It was in this simple sandstone house in a quiet Dumfries street that Scotland's national poet, spent the last years of his brilliant life. He died here in 1796 at the age of just thirty seven. The house gives us a picture of how the poet and his family lived in the late eighteenth century. It is now a place of pilgrimage for Burns enthusiasts from around the world.

About Robert Burns
Robert Burns - Family History -a tribute to Robert Burns, unsurpassed literary genius and loved by millions all around the globe.

Robert Burns - Speakers
Jim Mein
- Burns Supper Speaker and Chairman

Burns Clubs in Scotland
Alamo Burns Club - Paisley
Alexandria Burns Club
Bridgeton Burns Club
Dalry Burns Club - the longest, continuous record of anniversary dinners in the world.
Dumbarton Burns Club
The Burns Howff Club - Dumfries.
Greenock Burns Club
Irvine Burns Club - The club has an unbroken history dating back to its formation on 2nd June 1826. Of the twelve founding members of the club five were known to Robert Burns, two of whom were close friends of the poet

Paisley Burns Club - the world's first formally constituted Burns Club
Founded in 1805

Robert Burns Info
Robert Burns
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Robert Burns
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Robert Burns
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Robert Burns
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Robert Burns Music
Borealis - a five piece band creating and performing their own arrangements of the songs of Robert Burns in a fusion of jazz, classical, folk and blues.

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